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Alfa Centenary Mosaic has a wide focus on digital mosaic but also provides information on the history and uses of traditional mosaic.

Mosaic is seen by many as one of the purest forms of creating and designing a beautiful piece of art and has been used since Roman times. With digital mosaic programs surfacing online, the popularity has been boosted due to many people enjoying the extra features and possibilities.

About Digital Mosaic

Digital mosaics are used to get the perfect balance and colour schemes out of mosaic creation. Digital mosaics can be done with a variety of programmes, apps, and software’s available online. By using the software, one can get the best results in colour schemes as well as get the best photos to fit into the full picture.

Digital mosaics have been used more with portraits of important figures in the world and have become a great pastime for many. There are a lot of famous designs and contemporary artists who make use of digital mosaics to show innovations and methods of using these programmes.

About Traditional Mosaic

Mosaics are patterns or images that are made from small irregular pieces of coloured stone, ceramics, or glass. These coloured materials are then held together by plaster on a covering surface. As digital mosaics have taken over the traditional means of mosaic, creation is still active in many countries due to the artistic workmanship going into the projects.

Traditional mosaics can be used for murals, pavements, artwork, hobby crafts, and industrial forms and Alfa Centenary Mosaics provide history and facts into the traditional forms of using mosaic.

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