Famous Mosaics at Casinos

As with many tourist attraction venues, casinos are one of the best places to visit to view some of the most amazing mosaic designs on a large scale. Casinos have always been known for having mosaic floors, roofs, and walls. Even staying at the casino hotels, a person will notice many mosaic trimmings in the bathrooms and kitchens providing a great artistic feel.

With all the hype happening due to the large-scale mosaics at casinos and their hotels, online betting and gambling platforms such as Bet Target are great examples of how games can be designed with keeping colour schemes in mind. Even looking at roulette tables at casinos one can notice how colours in shapes are used in many gambling methods.

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino – Biloxi, USA

The Beau Rivage Casino and Hotel has been turning heads with its great design of a mosaic in the hotel reception leading up the stairs. The intricate design shows a variety of colours used with small tiles showcasing flowers, roses, and vines with a colourful background. Visitors to the Beau Rivage resort and casino constantly rave about how intricately beautiful the design is.

Wynn Macau Palace and Casino – Las Vegas

The Wynn Macau Hotel and Casino is one of the most mosaic rich destinations in Las Vegas. Both the Hotel Palace and the Casino has many large-scale mosaics to witness. Other than most mosaics the Wynn has some of the best designs using not only tiles but also wood.

Wynn and Encore – Las Vegas

Wynn and Encore Casino and Resort has some of the most intricate mosaic designs on their floors including colourful butterflies made with tiles that are inlaid into the wooden floors. Visitors to the hotel and casino regularly post photos to social media to share the beautiful artwork.