The Best Software for Photo Mosaics

Photomosaics can be done for a variety of reasons and are a fun way to test artistic capabilities with guaranteed success. Photo mosaic software compiles photos found online to make up the picture a person uploads to the software by searching for images with the same colours online.

These are rated the best photo mosaic software programmes online.


Imosaic is one of the most popular programs because’s it is completely free and provides the user with the option to make 3D versions of the mosaics. It can be used on various platforms including PC and Mac. It has an option to use ImosaicWeb which creates a mosaic from a database of colour-categorised images.

The Best Software for Photo Mosaics 1 - The Best Software for Photo Mosaics


MozoDojo is the best option for those looking for professional photo mosaic software. With MozoDojo the user can create a photo mosaic by using iTunes, iPhoto, and the users own photo gallery. The software can incorporate thousands of photos into each mosaic and uses mirroring, tinting, and lighting features.

This software uses high-quality graphics and is extremely easy to use which makes it not only a professional programme but also a great option to start with mosaics.

Turbo Mosaic

Turbo Mosaic is seen and rated as the best photo mosaic program for both Windows and Mac. Although it is paid software, there is a free trial version available for the user to be certain about the product. The trial version also provides a tutorial for the user to see all the functions and usability of the programme.

The pro version provides the user with the ability to create professional mosaics for personal and business use.

Andrea Mosaic

Andrea Mosaic can be used to create a photographic mosaic made with whichever pictures the user prefers to use from their gallery collection. There are many options for using algorithms, pixels, the number of tiles, and how far duplicates should be from each other.

Andrea Mosaic has a professional, standard, and free version available. Some of the features of the professional version include high resolution, automatic adjustment, automatic crop, and much more.

Using any of these programmes can help users to get high-quality photo-mosaics by using the various special features available.